24x7 monitoring

Intrusion detection system monitoring and management

Sentinel offers a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week monitoring service. This service includes the monitoring of Network intrusion detection systems, Host based intrusion detection systems, firewalls, routers, servers and services.
With real-time analysis, trending and device log correlation, Sentinel's ability to quickly determine and mitigate threats to an organisation is second to none.

Detection systems are complimented with several incident escalation methods, including phone, fax, SMS and paging. this allows the client to accurately assess Sentinel's level of involvement and gives them the ability to analyse the incident, then assess the chain of command within the organisation.

Real Time IDS Database

In addition to our expertise in IDS technology is our centralised real time IDS trend analysis database.
Sentinel provides large clients with access to real time forensic trend analysis and a comprehensive view of malicious activity.

This enables our clients to differentiate between targeted attacks and internet wide vulnerability sweeps. Such data is accessible through a custom made interface which is specifically designed to suit each individual client.

Firewall monitoring and management

Sentinel provides monitored firewall management services; whether it be existing operational hardware or custom made solutions, Sentinel can manage your firewalls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Custom firewalls are tailored specifically for the needs of the client and are designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing infrastructure. These systems have the ability to alert (email, pager, SMS), on anomalies detected based on the environment configuration settings and are configured based on the exact environment in which they operate. This means that you know exactly what your firewall is doing and that it is not just a tick on the auditor's list.

Sentinel Data Security

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